Positive Habit: Do It, Then Talk About It

This is a post about a positive habit I'm cultivating. And here's a video I made that's related.


I am really good at telling people about things I want to do. Sometimes I’m good at telling people what I think they should do.

For example:

Me: I read this book called 80/10/10 and it’s about a raw food lifestyle and it’s so good because jklajdlbjobiogjdoijanljdlkjfda and I think it will totally fix all your problems and like I’m going to do it forever because it’s so awesome!

Person: Oh wow. That sounds really cool. I don’t know if it’s right for me…

Me: No it totally is, they said so in the book! There are so many people who’ve done it who love it!

Person: Ok, bye.

Me: Go raw! You’re gonna love it!

I’m not as good at waiting until I actually try the thing and have some experience under my belt to tell the people about the thing.

This is something I’m working on and have seen some success.

1.) Telling people what you want to do or are “going to do” gives you some sense of satisfaction, sometimes getting a “pat on the back” type of reaction from the other person.

This can give you a false sense of accomplishment and maybe even deter you from doing that said thing at all, having already been socially rewarded. 

2.) Telling people what you want to do or are “going to do” can backfire. Not everyone is going to see why or agree that thing is appealing or beneficial. You could get some negative feedback that could discourage you from doing what YOU want to do.

Maybe the people you've surrounded yourself with are very supportive and won't discourage you. Or, maybe you couldn't care less about what they think... something I think we could all benefit from.

I feel comfortable writing about this because I have been working on this habit for a while now. I would much rather tell people about my new interest or venture when I’m in the process or finished. The satisfaction is so much greater after accomplishing it and it reminds me that I’m doing it for myself, not just to share with others.

P.S. I still think a raw 80/10/10 lifestyle could be the healthiest way to live. I just haven’t tried it in the most complete way, so who am I to advocate on its behalf? If there is someone who is looking for an alternative to conventional medicine, I do like to mention it because it might be helpful. But more often than not, it’s irrelevant to my conversations so I don’t bring it up.