What I Loved in November of 2015

I loved a few new things last month.

1. BOOK: "The Microbiome Solution" by Dr. Robynne Chutkan.

Dr. Chutkan is a gastroenterologist who is based in Washington D.C., founded the Digestive Center for Women, and is also the author of "Gutbliss." 

I heard her interviewed on this episode of the Rich Roll Podcast. Very interesting and educational!

I bought the book in an effort to learn more about healing my gut with lifestyle changes. So much valuable information. 

2. POSITIVE HABIT: Evening Routine

7:00 -- make dinner, eat dinner, & hang out

8:00 -- do work (blog, YouTube, etc.) & drink tea

9:00 -- get ready for bed, read in bed (currently reading "The Blue Zones")

10:00 -- zzzzzzzzzzzz

This evening routine, when I do it, is productive and relaxing and helps me to get to sleep at a decent time, allowing me to wake up refreshed at 6am. 

I notice I fall asleep so much more easily after reading next to the salt lamp in bed. The red glow of the lamp doesn't trick my brain into thinking it's day time. When I can't keep my eyes open any longer I know it's time to sleep. What a luxury it is to turn off the lamp, put the book down, roll over and be out in a minute.

3. TV SERIES: Master of None on Netflix

Master of None.jpg

Aziz Ansari created and stars in this series set in NYC. I was so sad when I finished the season. I loved this show. 

It was very positive, visually appealing, funny, and good-hearted. I loved that the show focused on universal themes while telling a story about the characters. 

Great soundtrack.

My only complaint about this show is how does Aziz's character have such a killer apartment in New York City?

4. CLOTHING ITEM: Chelsea Rain Boots

I bought this pair at J. Crew last year. It is so nice to have a pair of nice looking, warm, durable rain boots to keep my feet dry when the weather is soggy. We get our fair share of rain in Philadelphia. These boots actually have me looking forward to rainy days.

I expect these babies to last many more years. 

5. CLOTHING ITEM: Warm Winter Jacket

I purchased this Jack Wolfskin jacket online last year from House of Fraser and have been in love with it ever since. Having a super warm coat prevents me from hibernating inside all winter. 

This jacket is long, filled with a down alternative, and has a good hood. It cost more than coats I've owned in the past. I aim to take good care of it so it lasts a long time. Warmth!