The Capsule Wardrobe Tag

 I was tagged by Jenny from the YouTube channel Simply Jenny T. a long long time ago to do this. If you haven't checked Jenny out yet, go do that! She has a great channel about living a more minimal and simple lifestyle.


1. When did you first discover the capsule wardrobe concept?

I first heard about capsule wardrobes when I was listening to an episode of the podcast, “The Lively Show” back in 2014. This episode featured fashion blogger Caroline Rector of At the time, I was just starting to learn about minimalism and loving the concept. As I listened to Caroline describe what a capsule wardrobe was and why one might create one, I knew I wanted to try it eventually.


2. Why do you do a capsule wardrobe?

I have created a capsule wardrobe for a few reasons. 1.) I’m easily overwhelmed by excess and too many choices. 2.) I feel more organized and like I know most of the pieces I have can go together. 3.) I think buying without intention is wasteful, as I would do this and then not wear what I bought and end up donating it later down the road. I don’t want to create so much waste. 4.) Having fewer clothing items takes up less space in the home.


3. What is the best part about doing a capsule wardrobe? 

My favorite thing about having a capsule wardrobe is that I appreciate each piece of clothing and it’s much easier to keep tabs on what I have. I know how I can wear each one and that I like each one. If there comes a day when I decide one of the items is no longer enjoyable to wear, it’s a simple process to just donate it and think of what sort of item I might want to replace it with.


4. What is the hardest part about doing a capsule wardrobe?

 The hardest part for me is finding pieces I like that meet all the criteria I set for myself: environmentally sustainable, ethical, vegan, and within my budget. But I think this has less to do with the capsule part and more to do with my specific guidelines.


5. What's your best tip for beginners?

If you’re wanting to create a capsule wardrobe for the first time, I’d start by selling or donating all of the clothing items that you don’t wear or don’t like. This will help to create the foundation for your capsule, keeping only what you actually like and wear. 


6. How many pieces does your capsule wardrobe include?

My current wardrobe is 41 pieces including shoes and jackets.


7. What are your five most essential pieces?

1. Light wash jeans - so comfortable and I love the wash

2. Black Dr. Martens Chelsea boots - not as supportive for my feet as sneakers, but they go with almost everything

3. White Everlane cotton sweater - cozy, a flattering color, and versatile - dress up or down

4. Black Everlane cotton cardigan - cozy, a flattering color, and versatile - dress up or down

5. Tan Matt & Nat slides - ok I know they’re falling apart, but I’ve lived in these the past 5 months and if we have some warmer fall days you can bet I’m breaking them out


8. Any additional comments? 

I don’t know if counting clothing pieces is going to be a thing for me forever, but going through the process of creating two capsule wardrobes has led me to refine my style and understand how I want to look and feel in clothing. This helps me to have a clearer idea in mind whenever I’m considering purchasing a new item. There is a theme and that makes it much easier to curate the pieces.